The new CRIF Global Technologies corporate video is now LIVE!

Using an employer branding and inspirational approach, the video talks about the vision, mission and values of the largest professional community in CRIF. With over 1,500 IT professionals across the world, we have a privileged point of view of how technologies and business are evolving together, and how to respond to this digital transformation. It is a journey of transformation that we approach with a proactive attitude, side by side with those who choose us to help achieve their results and business goals.

The voice of the CRIF Global Technologies community is told through the real experiences of the employees Svaracita Mishra, Jack Shen, Peter Parnican, and Serena Tosoni. They became actors for a day, and their availability and engagement were fundamental to the realization of the project! The presenters of the video, on the other hand, are two professional actors.

We are a partner, travel companion and a safe pair of hands in a constantly evolving physical and digital ecosystem. This is CRIF Global Technologies: together, to the next level.