Our Team

Simone Colombara

Mr. Simone Colombara, Managing Director CRIF Philippine, has 20 year experience in IT for Banking, consulted for People Bank of China, European Central Bank (ECB), SWIFT, MasterCard. Has been working in across China, Vietnam and Philippines since 2008. In Philippines, CRIF provided the technology platform to CIC, Credit Information Corporation, and it is accredited as SAE (Special Accessing Entity). CRIF serves the top bank and finance companies, microfinance and online lenders in the Philippines. CRIF has subsidiaries in over 30 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, HK, China, Taiwan, Singapore and India, and it’s listed as n.50 in the IDC Top100 Fintech companies in the world.

Mr. Colombara is public speaker on topics of Retail Credit, Risk Management, Analytics, Credit Information and Business information.

Mr. Colombara advocates the usage of both traditional and alternative credit scoring to promote increased access to finance both for individuals and SME.

Among Mr. Colombara conference and publications:

•2015-2019, over 30 conferences across Philippines, including RBAP, MCPI, PFA, CMAP, Fintech, etc.

•2016, IFDN, Philippines, Credit Infrastructure for inclusive access to finance

•2014, China, Workshop on application of Credit Bureau Data for Anti Fraud Management, People’s Bank of China

•2014, Philippine, Seminar on Credit Data Roadmap, Credit Management Association of the Philippine Annual Conference

•2014, Philippine, Seminar on Credit Bureau Data, Rural Banking Association the Philippine Annual Conference

•2014, Philippine, Workshop on Analytics for Credit Risk Management

•2012, China, Workshop on Credit Policies for SME, EU-China Business Summit

•2012, China, Seminar on application of Credit Bureau Data for Credit Risk Management, People’s Bank of China

•2010, China, Workshop on Credit Regulation, People’s Bank of China

•2009, China, Proceeding on Workshop on Credit Management Systems, People’s Bank of China